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Carol Phillips was born in Hawaii, but spent most of her childhood years nestled near a rich riverside forest in picturesque Oregon. Carol has a love for  painting the figure, portraiture and environments. She loves to work in traditional mediums such as oils, and pastel , but also modern media such as digital painting. She is primarily self taught.

As a child she was captivated by the beauty of the natural world and immersed herself in the realms of fantasy and adventure. The creation of fantastical creatures, characters and worlds continues to fascinate her and she wishes to share  these creations with others. Through her art she hopes to provide a glimpse into these beautifully mysterious worlds.

Carol also  enjoys helping others bring their ideas fantastical characters, creatures and  worlds into being. She is currently working as freelance illustrator, conceptual  and graphic designer on various projects. Creating her personal work in her free time.  If you are interested in hiring her for your project there may be a wait time of up to 6 months so please email  carol  with your project details as much in advance as possible

Tradtional Media:

Pen and Ink
Watercolor / Colored Pencil / Mixed
Reductive WoodBlock Prints

Computer Programs:
Illustraitor (2d vector arts)
Dreamweaver (Web Design)

Contact Information:

Email carol at:


Orycon 30 2008
art show Peoples Choice Best in Fantasy Category
and Grand Prize awards ' The Sacred Pool'

Orycon 29 2007
art show peoples choice Best in
Fantasy Category 'Coral: 8th in the vintage mermaids series'

NCAG 2007
2nd place in category ' Turquoise: 7th in the vintage mermaids series'

NCAG 2007 People's Choice Award ' Turquoise: 7th in the vintage mermaids series'

NCAG 2007
3rd place in Category 'Sunkissed Requiescence'

NCAG 2004
Best in Category 'Emerald : 5th in the Vintage Mermaids Series'